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Beneficiary of the week: Evodia Masego Du-Toit

Deli Take Aways is a Fast Food and Leisure outlet, which is owned by the 26-year-old Evodia Masego Du-Toit from Galeshewe in Kimberley.  

Masego began her journey as a street vendor where she sold fat cakes, popularly known as Magwinya. She offered her services to the public without having a permanently built structure for a period of 3 years. Driven by her passion to serve and a desire to expand, the young aspiring entrepreneur decided to approach the NYDA Kimberley branch for funding.
She strongly believed that she had acquired adequate skills and experience to serve her customers effectively. The NYDA approved a Grant Funding to the value of R44, 000 to buy equipment after Masego had undergone all the required application processes. Deli Take Aways currently employs three young people on a full-time basis.   
Her future goals involve seeing her business further expand into a fully functional restaurant and also to continue with her studies, as she believes in continuous personal growth and development. “We need to set achievable and reasonable goals for ourselves and learn how to create jobs for fellow young people; young people should be equipped to start cooperatives and business,” said Masego.