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Beneficiary of the week: Elliot Moloko
​Teu Pig Farming & Project is a business that is owned by the 32-year-old young man from Cokonyane Village in Taung, North West Province. Motshwarateu Elliot Moloko started his piggery business with only 40 pigs and his primary aim was to breed and sell them.
The young aspiring entrepreneur realised the potential success of his business model and decided to seek further assistance at the NYDA. After successfully completing all application processes, Teu Pig Farming & Project applied and received the NYDA Grant Funding of R48 016 through the Rustenburg branch.
He currently raises and breeds more than 50 pigs. In the past, Motshwarateu managed to sell almost 100 pigs and also supplied some to a local butchery. The business presently has two permanent staff members that assist him with his livestock.
Motshwarateu encourages young people to consider entrepreneurship and form cooperatives. He further advises young aspiring entrepreneurs to understand the type of business they are venturing into, and gather extensive information about it.