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Beneficiary of the week: Semakaleng Mothapo

Semakaleng Mothapo (29) from Bela-Bela in the Limpopo Province is the owner of M Court Township Tours, a business that currently employs eight (8) young people. M Court Township Tours provides tour guide services through walks, taxi rides and donkey ride within the Bela-Bela township. The primary objective of the business is to give an authentic township experience to tourists that visit the area.

The NYDA assisted Semakaleng to develop a business plan and with branding materials through the Tshwane Branch. Marketing the business to prospective clients was a huge challenge because of the lack of appropriate branding materials, prior to the Agency’s intervention. As such, approaching potential partners with the idea proved to be difficult and potential clients could not relate with the brand as it was not appealing.
His goal is to become one of the successful entrepreneurs in South Africa and to see M Court Township Tours become the leading enterprise in the Southern African Developing Countries (SADC) which provide tourism venues and activities in the townships and villages. He runs the business with his younger sister as an official partner. This partnership was deliberately engaged into as it serves as a contribution towards empowering women with active inclusion into the mainstream economy.
“NYDA is an extremely relevant Agency in the time we live in, more resources should be channeled into this Agency so that more young men and women can continue to benefit. Young people rise up! It is possible!” said Semakaleng