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Beneficiary of the week: Skobi Projects Primary Cooperative Limited
Skobi Projects Primary Cooperative Limited is a youth-owned enterprise based in Windsorton, Dikgatlong Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province. The cooperative is made up of five young people and its main business is the production of broiler chickens. 
The cooperative decided to venture into poultry farming after identifying a gap within their community as residents previously had to travel long distances to buy chicken, which required them to pay transport fare. The cooperative purchases one day old vaccinated chicks and grow them organically for a period of six weeks and sell to the market to allow for another cycle.
Skobi Projects Primary Cooperative Limited has been awarded with the NYDA Grant Fund to the value of R48 498.00 through the Kimberley Branch, to purchase start-up products and equipment including (but not limited to) 200 one day old chicks, drinkers and feeders, intra-red lights and a scale.
Through the help of the Agency’s Market Linkage Programme, the cooperative has been linked with Warrent Super Chicken, a female-owned cooperative operating within the same municipality. Warrenton Super Chicken is a poultry farming cooperative that has its own abattoir.
As such, the cooperative has committed to support Skobi Projects with buying a cycle of 150 live chickens per six weeks and will also be assisting with equipment to cut and package chicken for sales at local shops.
“If it was not for the NYDA Grant Fund, our business would not be in existence. This funding assisted us to get our business off the ground. Opportunities are there, young people should knock on the right doors”, Skobi Projects Primary Cooperative Limited said.