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Statement of the NYDA during Media Briefing on 3rd Clean Audit Opinion

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) held a media briefing to announce its 3rd consecutive unqualified audit opinion and achieving 100% of its annual performance targets for the 2016/2017 financial year. The briefing was led by Executive Chairperson of the Board, Sifiso Mtsweni joined by the Minister in The Presidency, responsible for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Chairperson of National Commission and Chief Executive Officer of the NYDA, Mr Khathutshelo Ramukumba. 

The establishment of the NYDA through an Act of Parliament (Act No. 58 of 2008) to coordinate and mainstream youth development across all sectors of society heralded a new era for youth development in South Africa. The Agency is further empowered by the National Youth Policy (2020) which reinforces the view that the NYDA remains the primary government institution responsible for youth development.
NYDA Chairperson, Sifiso Mtsweni “acknowledge and appreciates work of the previous Board of Directors and the Transitional Accounting Authority (TAA) having erected a solid foundation of clean corporate governance, an exemplary and visionary leadership. A plan to sustain clean audit outcomes and exceeding 100% performance of annual performance targets for the 2017/2018 financial year is already in motion”.
According to Minister in the Presidency, responsible for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Chairperson of the National Planning Commission; “NYDA remains a beacon of hope for our youth, any positive development within the agency translates to positive change in the lives of young people in South Africa. We must fulfill our mandate of youth development”
“At the core of NYDA’s mandate is values of integrity and honesty, excellence, respect and humility, and striving to always deliver our services professionally and ensuring accessibility to youth of South Africa. This is what is at the very heart of the NYDA” said Chief Executive Officer, Khathutshelo Ramukumba
In terms of performance, the following are the highlights of what has been achieved of the Annual Report to further engage with the numbers and details on the following Key Performance Areas (KPA):
KPA 1: Economic Participation
·  698 new youth and youth-owned enterprises received funding through the NYDA Grant Fund programme. Of these, 69 were cooperatives, 34 individuals and 495 were registered companies.
·  The funding through the grants, cooperative funding and vouchers created and sustained 3 718 jobs.
·   A total of 63 407 aspiring and established young entrepreneurs were supported through the NYDA Business Development Support Services.
·   10 Community projects were implemented which saw young people venturing into new areas such as forestry and furniture manufacturing as well as hydroponics.
KPA 2: Education & Skills Development
On Education and Skills Development, we achieved the following results:
·   745 young people participated in technical skills programmes.
·   71 306 young people had an opportunity to be placed in jobs through the NYDA jobs programme.
·   Another 981 088 young people received individual and group career guidance through our various touch points.
·   444 young people were supported the Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund. This meant that these young people had their tertiary education being fully paid for by the NYDA.
KPA 3: Health & Wellbeing
The NYDA facilitated for 348 623 young people to access programmes and inventions designed to improve their health and wellbeing.
In the National Youth Service space:
·  54 projects were registered that implemented structured NYS programmes.
·  132 government departments and CSO’s were coordinated to implement NYS.
·   In the year under review, 44 962 young people participated in an extended volunteer programme.
·    A total of 11 446 young people were enrolled in NYS Category 1 programmes.
Achievement of a third successive clean audit for the Agency signals commitment to good governance.  This further indicates that NYDA has established systems, processes and internal controls related to financial statements, performance information, supply chain management and complies with laws and regulations.
Moreover, achieving a 100% performance against target and a third clean audit is testament to the fact that these systems continue to function effectively as expressed by the Auditor General in his audit report.
We have moved from a time when our financial management and compliance were very low at only 14% in 2013/14 financial year and now we are sitting at 93% and 92% respectively. The Agency has good reason to be proud as even our financial reporting systems have been strengthened and have been averaging over 80% for two years in a row. We are confident that more can be achieved.
Financial Management:
In terms of the area of financial management, the Agency remains a going concern as assessed by its financial and liquidity positions.
In terms of allocation of resources, the following was achieved in the last financial year:
·  Project and grant disbursements increased from R143.5 million to R171.8 million (19% increase)
·  Employee costs post restructuring reduced from R209 million to R143 million (32% decrease)
·  R113.4 million raised and committed to support youth development programmes by donors and partners.
·  With the savings from the restructuring, more funds are now being diverted projects and operations which both now account for 68% of the total budget allocation of the NYDA.
We have seen a reduction in annual allocation from National Treasury from R409 million in 2015/2016 to R405 million in 2016/2017. This is third year of fiscal cuts to the budget of the NYDA. In response to this, we made sure that strict fiscal control and cost containment measures were implemented. Over and above the cost savings realized from moving the NYDA Head Office from Midrand to Woodmead which are approximately R12 million per annum (R40 million over the MTEF), we also reduced our administration, travel and outsourcing costs to compensate for reduced budget allocation.
We remain committed to employing prudent measures and systems that will ensure that the youth of South Africa get the maximum possible benefit of the resources allocated to the NYDA.
“Our vision is to become a credible, capable and activist development agency that is responsive to the plight of all South African youth. We hope to achieve this by mainstreaming youth issues and facilitating youth development within all sectors of society” said Mtsweni.