Code Jika - Code For Change Digital Skills Facilitator
DEADLINE: 31 May 2018
Join Code for Change by becoming a Code JIKA Club Facilitator and be part of the Industry leading CodeJIKA Family creating eco-systems of coding clubs in Secondary Schools throughout South Africa. 
OVERVIEW: CodeJIKA facilitators are responsible for establishing Code Clubs, each consisting of 10-20 learners, in Gauteng Secondary Schools. Training and support from the CodeJIKA team will be provided. However, the facilitator will be responsible for launching Roadshows in schools, organising learners for the first 3 intensive lessons, ensuring class is full, well-managed and fun. General competence with computers is necessary, with Web Design and/or coding concepts and experience considered ideal. Must be prepared to travel and work at different locations. All applicants fulfilling one of the 3 groups of criteria are welcome to apply for their prospective category. We especially encouraged female applicants to take up the challenge to inspire other young women in the IT industry. 
ATTITUDE: Successful applicants are self-starters, hard-working, independent and confident individuals. Leaders who have workplace experience and know how to coordinate and plan their own time efficiently. 
TRAINING: Successful applicants will receive professional training in how to: engage in a school environment, host club training sessions, teach web design using the CodeJIKA curriculum (designed for self-learning), manage classes, manage unruly situations, engage and motivate learners. 
WORK ENVIRONMENT: You will work a minimum of two mornings per week in one of the offices provided. Afternoons will be spent in intensive club creation workshops in public Secondary Schools. Alternative mornings will be spent planning or implementing In-school Roadshows or School Introductions. Once clubs are set up this will include managing monthly events and weekly telephonic follow-ups and email reports. You will need to attend weekly team meetings where performance assessments will take place along with other team members and the National Coordinating Team.
IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE: Each CodeJIKA Club will be implemented over a three week period, one afternoon per week from 14-16:00. As In-School Coordinator, you will be expected to efficiently launch clubs. 
OUTCOMES: After 3 In-school workshops in a school it is expected that you have:
1. Transferred key skills to a critical mass of learners.
- CodeJIKA Curriculum
- Entire class: 3 Lessons (Basic HTML & CSS web design) 
- Top 10 learners
- Lesson 4 & 5: Basic JavaScript. Lesson 4 & 5: Basic JavaScript.
2. Critical mass for coding adoption per school is 25 2:
- Build student-run Code Club
- Identify core student leadership for the club Identify core student leadership for the club
- Sign club MoU with Club President, VP & Treasurer (3-5 learners.) Sign club MoU with Club President, VP & Treasurer (3-5 learners.)
- Liaison with school management and local in-school club mentor to ensure continuity and growth beyond initial training and launch period.
APPLICATION: Please click below to apply for your prospective category.