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The Knowledge Management Programme of the National Youth Development Agency develops, manages and publishes a weekly newsletter entitled knowledge briefs. The knowledge briefs newsletter is exactly what its title suggests, basic and fundamental knowledge, nuts and bolts type of knowledge that is necessary for the work of the Agency.
These paper-based and electronic knowledge briefs are authored by staff members of the National Youth Development Agency. The production of the knowledge briefs is managed by the Knowledge Management Programme.

The aim of the knowledge brief is to surface and document observed promising, good and best practice within the Agency. The knowledge briefs aims to instigate discussions on our “know-how” in youth development. The sharing of everyday created and used knowledge through this newsletter platform should contribute to the organisation’s learning and growth, and importantly the realisation of its short to long term goals. The second aim of the knowledge briefs is to create a KM-platform for the organisation that continuously engages the Agency staff members; in lieu of other KM products and exercises that require longer periods to generate.

As already stated, the knowledge briefs contain information and knowledge on observed promising, good and best practice within the Agency. In cases where the information is available, the most recent youth (un/self)-employment statistics are provided.
There are no strict rules about the content of the knowledge briefs, as the newsletter primarily aims to allow the Agency’s practitioners a space on which to freely reflect on their knowledge and lessons learned.

The knowledge briefs are for the Agency’s staff and other youth development stakeholders.



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