NYDA | IDC | sefa Youth Fund

We know how frustrating it can be to be young, to have a great business idea and feel that no one is taking you seriously. But the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Small Enterprise Finance Agency (sefa) have partnered together to make your dreams a reality.
The partnership is designed to provide you with the necessary financial support that can assist in establishing a business or expand your existing business with the main aim of contributing towards sustainable job creation. A R2.7 billion fund has been set aside to kick start young entrepreneurs like you who are willing to make their dreams a reality. This fund provides loans at prime less 3% to businesses that operate in industries falling within the IDC and sefa  mandates. From NYDA, the youth-owned businesses can access grant funding from R1 000.00 up to R100 000.00. The funding is available to South African citizens.
The NYDA, IDC and sefa  believe that youth-owned businesses have the potential to create jobs and keep South Africa growing. We have made it easier for you to apply for finance either to kick start your own company or expand your existing business. A cooperation agreement was entered into by the NYDA, IDC and sefa in response to the signing of the Youth Employment Accord of April 2013 where Government and its social partners made a commitment to prioritise youth employment and skills development. The Youth Employment Accord is one in a series of social pacts intended to help achieve the New Growth Path goal of five million new jobs by 2020.This partnership therefore makes it possible for young people of South Africa to access IDC and sefa loans as well as NYDA grants. The NYDA serves as a conduit for the screening and recommendation of young entrepreneurs so they can access finance offered by the IDC and sefa.
You might be asking yourself now, which financial agency will best suit my finance needs? 
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