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   Lease of Corporate Office Space for NYDA Tshwane Branch: NYDA2018/01/FAC-Tshwane
   Appointment of a Travel Management Agency for NYDA: NYDA2017/03/FIN
   Cancellation: Lease of Corporate space at NYDA Kimberley Branch - NYDA2017/04/FAC-Kimberley
Appointment of a Service Provider for Reviewing and Development Agency Business Process Mapping
  - 2016/01/CI: PPI
   Close of Tender: Tender Number: 2017/01/PDD
   Appointment of the technical training provider for the Collins Chabane School for artisans
   Cancellation – Tender for appointment of technical training provider for Collins Chabane School for  
   artisans - artisans - NYDA2017/01/NYS
Cancellation - Lease of corporate Space-NYDA2016-07-FAC -Soweto
PCancellation Provision Of Physical Security For Nyda Head Office And Branches. Tender Number_2016/02/Fac

Cancellation of request for proposal for lease of corporate office space for NYDA Head office. Tender No 2015_01_FAC

Outcome of the appointment of the service provider to provide development and maintenance of a mobile application


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