Emmanuel.jpgWhen the NYDA was established in 2008, one of its primary ambitions was address youth development issues at all levels of government. Along with that that, it continues to motivate and give a “hand up” to the young people of South African.
Emmanuel Makuwa from Tshwane, is an example of a young person who chose to receive a “hand up” from the NYDA. He is the owner of De LL Montso Trading and Projects, a company which specialises in video and film production. His journey started when he saw an opportunity in his community to record weddings ceremonies and parties. After shooting a couple of successful gigs, he approached the NYDA for funding to assist him purchase advance equipment to help him attract clients with larger productions. R49 000 later, Emmanuel now employs two full-time people and has Mzansi Magic as one of his clients!
Emmanuel is one of the many beneficiaries of the NYDA who, through the grant programme, was able to access financial and non-financial business development support. The grant finance starts from R1 000 to a maximum of R100 000 for any individual or youth co-operative. To qualify to apply for the grant, applicants need to participate in the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP). This programme offers a package of entrepreneurship training that responds appropriately to the labour market and business needs of the young people.
To find out more on how the NYDA can help you as a young entrepreneur call 0800 52 52 52 (toll free).