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The NYDA has shifted its core business away from Enterprise Finance and Skills Development towards Education and Skills Development. The strategic change towards Education and Skills Development is informed by the numerous studies indicating that most young people in the country actually derive their income from salaries and remittances.  Only 4.6% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 derive their income from business related activities. Salaries remain the main source of income for young people which underscores the importance of employment as a source of livelihood for the youth of South Africa.
The studies further indicate that the level of education and the quality of that education is directly proportional to employability. The new plan of the NYDA will therefore focus on tailor made interventions for job preparedness and placement, including the scaling up of the Youth Build Programme for out-of-school youth.
As a result 40% of the NYDA’s financial resources will be redirected towards Education and Skills Development interventions for young people. The NYDA will continue with  efforts directed at economic participation offering a range of products, programmes and services to young entrepreneurs in need, albeit as a secondary focus.
About The Youth Build Project
Youth Build is a community based National Youth Service programme that offers volunteers a comprehensive programme that integrates academic achievement, work experience, social action, leadership development, and personal transformation in a single project.
The NYDA implements two types of Youth Build projects.
1.     The first one is the comprehensive model where 100 youth, all of them volunteers, spend 8 – 12 months in class and on site learning the construction trade using the Youth Build model which adopted from YouthBuild International.
2.     The second model is done in partnership with Department of Human Settlements where volunteers are recruited within identified communities, orientated by NYDA and then go straight to site to build houses. When they complete the houses they go into training with NHBRC for six weeks, thereafter the NYDA conducts Job Preparedness workshops to prepare volunteers as they exit the programme to look for jobs or start their own businesses based on the skills they’ve acquired through Youth Build.
**The difference in the two approaches is that on the first one the NYDA can fund the project up to 100% however with the second one Human Settlements is the custodian of the programme and they fund most of the components.
1.    What is Youth Build?
Youth Build is a community based National Youth Service programme that offers a comprehensive programme that integrates academic achievement, work experience, social action, leadership development, and personal transformation in a single project for volunteers.
2.    Who qualifies to be part of Youth Build programme?
Young people between the ages 18 – 35 qualify to participate into a Youth Build programme.
3.    Where is it implemented?
Currently there are Youth Build projects implemented in the Eastern Cape province and we have just completed one in Western Cape while volunteers are currently in training in uMtshezi, KZN. Tshwane Youth Build recently ended with 117 volunteers graduating with NQF level 3 certificates after undergoing training and building 50 low-cost houses in Winterveld.
4.    What is the NYDA’s involvement in the Youth Build programme?
NYDA’s role in the Youth Build programme is to conduct project orientation for volunteers and train them in life skills, basic Math and English and conduct Job Preparedness workshops to prepare them to exit the programme.
5.    How do I become a Youth Build volunteer?
By showing interest whenever applications for volunteers are requested in your community and availing yourself to be part of any community project.
6.    Are there exit opportunities in place for Youth Build volunteers who have finished the programme?
The volunteers that complete the programme are linked with different exit opportunities by participating partners like NYDA and Human Settlement. NYDA links the volunteers to its products and services like cooperatives or business development, grant applications and their CV’s are uploaded into our JOBS database for further opportunities.
7.    What is the duration of the Youth Build training programme?
The training programme is anything between 6 to 12 months depending on the intensity of the programme or project to be undertaken.
8.    Who provides training for volunteers?
The volunteers receive life skills and Job Preparedness training from NYDA and National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) provides Construction SETA accredited training in building trades like plumbing, bricklaying and carpentry.
9.    Do Youth Build volunteers get paid?
No, the services offered by volunteers are purely voluntary with the benefit of training at the end of the service.
10.  Do I receive an accredited qualification after I complete the training?
Yes, volunteers receive CETA accredited qualifications at the end of the whole programme.
11.  Which skills can I acquire through the Youth Build programme?
The skills that can be acquired are plumbing, brick laying and carpentry.
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