Payments to Suppliers

In an effort to improve payment timeframes, monitoring and evaluation of supplier agreements and the business relationship between NYDA and suppliers the NYDA has now centralized the payment function within its Financial Services division.

What this means for suppliers:

All your invoices for work done for the NYDA should be emailed to

Please note the following:

If you don’t hear back from us, you may assume that your invoice will be settled within 30 days of submission.

If you do hear back from us, you may have to provide us with additional outstanding information.

Legitimate invoices:

Please note that the NYDA only pays LEGITIMATE invoices within 30 days. A legitimate invoice is defined as:

  • Invoice which is dated within 1 day of when it is actually received;

  • For invoices with deliverables, proof that deliverables have been attached and provided to support the invoice;

  • Invoices which are supported by a valid purchase order;

  • Invoices that are supported by any additional compliance information that may be required;

  • Invoices are submitted to the centralized mailbox;

Purchase orders:

Suppliers are also reminded that under no circumstances should they conduct work without an approved purchase order. A contractual agreement or appointment letter does not replace the need to obtain a purchase order. If a supplier carries out work without an approved purchase order it may have its invoice rejected.

Complaints over late payments of invoices may also be directed to​​