Sponsorships & Thusano Fund

The NYDA receives daily requests from young people, schools, community centres or NGO’s seeking assistance. We acknowledge that we cannot assist every young person in need however, in response to these once-off solicitations, the agency allocates an annual budget to the Thusano Fund.


With Thusano meaning helping hand, the Fund functions over and above the organisations’ sponsorships and is aimed at assisting small scale, immediate necessities.


The Fund is administered by the Chief Executive Officer's office.

The Thusano Fund will not consider the following:

  • Purchasing of land and infrastructure
  • Bursaries or scholarships (unless a bursary has already been secured but additional funding is required for other expenses like textbooks, accommodation or equipment)
  • Social individual travel
  • Entertainment and lifestyle
  • Events for profit making purposes
  • Business non quantified capital

The Thusano Fund will consider the following applications:

  • Requests up to and including R50,000 per candidate or organisation
  • Individuals requiring funds to settle overdue tertiary or school fees
  • Individuals aiming to pursue short courses
  • NGOs requiring once off financial support
  • NGOs in need of equipment
  • Events for social development or awareness

The following documentation is needed for all submission to the Thusano Fund:

For students

  • Application form stating the financial need
  • Academic Record not less than 3 months or acceptance letter
  • ID Copy - 3 months certified copies for parents/guardians and studen
  • Proof of income for guardian or parents (for academic purposes) or parents (for academic purposes)
  • Affidavit (if parent or guardian is a pensioner or has no source income)
  • Invoice or quotation from the institution of choice

For NGOs

  • Application form stating the financial need
  • Constitution of the organisation
  • Certified ID Copy - 3 months
  • Organisation must be registered on Central Supplier Database (CSD)
  • Proposal with financials
  • Tax exemption compliance
  • NPO/NGO registration documents (certificate)

How to apply:


Kindly that for this option, you need to be registered on the ERP portal first, find below step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Visit https://erp.nyda.gov.za/

Step 2: Click on youth enquiry button or register menu item at the top (alternatively follow this link (https://erp.nyda.gov.za/register-youth)

Step 3: Complete the youth enquiry/registration form (Please take note of the nearest branch that you select, as all future applications will be redirected to that branch for processing)

Step 4: Your registration request will be processed by a branch administrator 

Step 5: You will get an email invitation to the ERP system

Step 6: Once you have activated your account, you can login and apply for Thusano fund and other products and services available.


Step 1: Download the form in either word or in PDF format

Step 2: Complete the form with requested information and signature(s)

Step 3: Email the completed form accompanied by supporting documents to sponsorships@nyda.gov.za

Watch Thusano Fund Beneficiaries Video