Partnering with the NYDA

As a national government agency that is mandated with the holistic development of youth in South Africa, the NYDA has a huge task that it cannot accomplish on its own.  The NYDA is therefore always looking to establish partnerships with like-minded organisations and institutions in the private, government and civil society sectors so that youth development programmes can be expanded and scaled up. In this light, if your organisation or institution would like to partner with the NYDA to develop, run or scale up a youth development programme, kindly send an email to


Criteria for partnership consideration:

  • The potential partner must be a) a private company; or b) a state-owned company (SOC); or c) a state-owned enterprise (SOE) or d) an international organisation;
  • The potential partner must bring forward a collaboration programme/project that focuses on a) job creation; b) enterprise development and c) market linkages;
  • The potential partner must have funding for the proposed programme/project or must be able co-fund it.

International Relations